Kaizen Alpha Zwart 1GAL1l2Y50-122
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Back: Highly breathable neoprene with anti-slip gel applications in the main areas of contact with the ball.

Cut: Negative. This cut has the seams on the inside of the glove. It loses a little bit of latex surface, but in exchange it gets a great fit to the hand. It is a very technical cut that, being so tight, provides the maximum sensation of control and contact with the ball.

Palm: Super Softy XP. Latex with good performance and durability, as well as a very good grip. Recommended for use in dry or low humidity conditions.

Closure: Wristband made of neoprene and elastic which makes it very functional and comfortable. New strap with double fixing point for better and better adjustment to the wrist, customisable neoprene tip.

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